Maisto Fresh Metal Fresh Paint: color changing Diecast – Leadfoot

by · May 6, 2012

maisto leadfoot diecast car 1.jpg

Here is our toy review of the Maisto Fresh Metal: Fresh Paint color changing diecast car. It’s price is roughly 3$. Which is a bargain for such a unique toy. First we’ll take a look at the packaging. It is a standard card stock with a somewhat embossed logo in the front. One thing we noticed about the packaging is that the image of the car used is quite different from the actual look of the car itself. It would be nice to see the different color changes when you use warm or cold water on the same car itself.

for the actual diecast car called Leadfoot, It is in a standard 1:64 scale with cool flame designs all over body it’s rear wheels are covered and has an exposed exhaust on the hood. What’s nice about this is toy is that it has an all solid diecast body. The only plastic parts I could see are the bottom and the wheels.

Here are the photos of the car before it was submerged in cold water.

maisto leadfoot diecast car 2.jpg
maisto leadfoot diecast car 3.jpg
maisto leadfoot diecast car 4.jpg

Here are the photos of the car after we submerged it in cold water. Take note that the water should be icy cold when you try this because the color change would be not that noticeable when it is done in mildly cold water only.

maisto leadfoot diecast car 5.jpg
maisto leadfoot diecast car 6.jpg
maisto leadfoot diecast car 7.jpg

The car will also revert to it’s original color when submerged in warm water or left to dry.

I bet kids will have tons of fun playing with this car in the water. Just be sure to have some towels ready.

Here are the images of the other diecast cars available from the Fresh Metal: Fresh Paint toyline.

maisto all cars diecast car 1.jpg

All in all this is an awesome toy and I hope you liked our review.

Detail / Sculpting:
Value for money:

toyscene overall rating maisto toy 1.jpg

It is available at any toysrus or toykingdom outlets with an average price of US $3.00.

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