New BeyBlade Metal Fury Tops – Toy Commercial

by · December 3, 2012

beyblade metal fury toy.jpg

This video features new Battle tops based on the sixth anime series of the Beyblade anime and the third season of the Metal Saga created by Takafumi Adachi: Beyblade: Metal Fury or Metal Fight Beyblade 4D by Takara Tomy. The top featured below is the Beyblade Metal Fury:: B-132 NIGHTMARE REX SW145SD. It is a five-piece battle top that you can switch from attack mode to defense mode with its SPIN TRACK piece and a Semi-Defense PERFORMANCE TIP part that steadies its trajectory. The NIGHTMARE REX SW145SD is designed for balance. You have the option of combining parts from different tops (sold separately) to see how it changes the way they battle!

beyblade metal fury rex 1.jpg

beyblade metal fury rex 2.jpg

– 5-piece top
– instructions
– collector card
– assembly tool

It is available on HasbroGaming site with a price of US $8.99.
buy hasbro.jpg

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